hey! we're a system. you can call us "the owls."

click here for more information if you're new to plurality.

collective name: owl

collective pronouns: plural they

preferred terms: system, headmate, member

we are a polygenic system of mostly fictives. we originated as soulbonds for the host, basket, but have since expanded and moved away from the "soulbond" label. our current member count is around 10. some headmates aren't listed here, either because we're unsure if they're truly here, or they're young.

you can find us on tumblr and that's about it currently.

MuC(Redux) N- | P[nb/gf/q/ar/as] | A(b- r---/A^) | S.++ | On/q | Ww/s/x~$! | C(cc+/m++) | OF(r-/o++) | Fmw+^ | Mast!/spi=/mag | Rf/p/qp+/r+ | V++#^!>* | X+ | G+ | Jst | S(r/o+)! | R!

you find yourself in the middle of a forest, in front of an old cottage covered in overgrown plants.

step inside.