woo it's thanksgiving break! which means a whole lot of time for doing... stuff!! i want to work on a ton of creative stuff, including this site, because i've been neglecting it a lot ;v;

also want to work more on my youtube channel! i have a ton of animatics to work on and i'm excited!!

currently listening to mbmbam and playing cultist simulator. it's really fun, though frustrating at times. there's never answers to the questions i have on the wiki :')

that's all for today i think, lol.

- basket! <3


hey welcome to my. journal. thing.

[flails around] aaaa i'm too awkward for this

anyway. i made this section because i saw some cool people doin this and i wanna be cool too. also to prove my existence in between actually updating this site. because rambling to myself is much less energy draining than writing code sometimes.

speaking of, i haven't updated this site in forever and yet i'm thinking of making another one. to be fair it's going to be smaller, but still. the folks in my system want to talk here and around the site but they gotta introduce themselves first, so! sometime we might make a site with different pages for them all. first i want to actually work on here though. probably.

i honestly don't have much to say for this one. i'm pretty drained because school kicked my ass today :') but the next entry will be? better? maybe. who knows.

- basket! <3