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god these last few days were so terrible. we had midterms. but it's all over now, and we might get a snow day on monday which is great.

basket downloaded genshin impact and we're all watching with popcorn as they descend into a hyperfixation. it's not my kind of thing, but i can see why they like it so much.

i don't have much else to say. basket's the one that's good at rambling. shrugs.

- tim


my back has been hurting more than usual for like a week straight. sigh. chronic pain is so fun.

i'm very proud of us because we just finished half our midterms! there are still things due and other midterms later this week, but we can relax until wednesday at least.

we might download genshin impact. one of our friends plays it a lot and i mean. it's free. can't pass up a free game.

on a study break today i was playing fer.al for the first time in a while and its. its not terrible? but ill never be able to get over the fact that its a game technically still in beta and you have to pay a subscription to get special items. wildworks is determined to send their new game to hell even after learning mistakes from animal jam i suppose.

oh also! we started doing comics! they're linked in the sidebar. it was mostly my idea but a few others were interested. besides our tumblr and with our close online friends we don't have many places to share what our lives are like. i think it'll be fun.

- basket


currently trying very hard not to have an anxiety attack because we have a lot of work due this week and i have to prioritize between classes which is always a nightmare. i have the time but not the energy.

there's a very overdue essay, another essay rough draft, two report/lab drafts, all on top of a bulk of regular classwork. terrible. can't wait to go to college where i can eventually just be taking classes that interest me.

- basket

we're watching mary poppins returns, though. for research! and also for fun. i love watching my movie because i get to relive everything all over again! :)

- jack


we're trying to write an essay but no thoughts head empty.

well except for fanfiction. head empty except for fanfiction.

- tim

note to self: stop intentionally tiring yourself out because you know it'll give yourself an excuse to not work on stuff later. because later-you will just be even more stressed. this is an overdue essay, but it was a sort of flexible deadline because the teacher won't be looking at it for a while. hopefully she won't be mad at us for submitting it late... not that i care. i'm leaving this school in a few months and going off to college and i will never see her again.

that's a pretty comforting thought, actually. that after i go to college i don't have to see anyone from my school again, if i don't want to. i can forget my stupid anxiety thoughts about teachers hating me even though logically they probably don't give a single shit.

blegh. i'm exhausted. i'll try to chip away at this essay. or maybe i'll drift into fanfic writing. who knows.

- basket


imagine being an adult shipping p*dophilia and inc*st and when a minor with that shit on their dni accidentally follows you, you vague and make fun of them instead of informing them of their mistake. couldn't be me.

that was just a vent please don't try to start drama. anyway.

i did an interview for a college that i really want to try to get accepted into despite its 21% acceptance rate... i think i did okay. i started anxious shivering (is that a thing people do? i don't shake. i shiver.) and my teeth were chattering but i tried to sound like a fully verbal human being. the person interviewing me was nice though.

i have an overdue essay that is overdue because the teacher was very unclear about the exact due date. so i have to get it done in the vague time of "as soon as it's complete." i'm aiming for this weekend. which is definitely doable but i have executive dysfunction and my brain hates me.

a tip that i find helpful when writing essays with big word counts is to figure out the topics and divide it into smaller word counts. like, 800 about the first thing, 500 about the next thing, etc. it cuts it down smaller so it's like you're writing tiny little essays instead of one 3,000 word monstrosity.

well, time for me to work on this 3,000 word monstrosity.

- basket <3


collapses on the ground. i am. tired. finished a big important essay draft, but i still have some overdue work that i need to get done. i took today off from schoolwork due to staying up til 1:30am last night, but it's still in the back of my mind, stressing me out a little. i'll be okay, though. hopefully.

anyway. i've been working on fleshing out the system section of this site for the past few days. mostly because i want it to be a place we can point to if someone wants to know who we are. the whole section is now mobile friendly! the navigation bar is hidden and it should be readable. unlike every other page if you're on mobile...

i've also been working on a plurality resource for systems, full of terms and other websites. it's a lot of work, finding things scattered around the web, but it's fun. like a scavenger hunt. it's not ready to be public yet, but i'll link it here when it is, if anyone's interested.

this site started out as a thing just for me, singular, basket. as a way to express myself. but my headmates have told me of their interest in making their own pages besides their introduction in the system section. and, you know, who am i to deny my friends, my family, a place to do the same thing i've been doing? having them add to a space that can be ours is just going to make it even more lovely and special, i think.

so, keep a lookout for some new pages and stuff! see you later.

- basket (and the owls) <3


happy new year im very stressed.

school sucks so bad. multiple teachers decided to surprise us with deadlines that were previously assumed to be later. so adding that on top of the work i already need to do is. so much. i have a ton of things to get done today, even, and then multiple projects? ugh.

i didn't update this place much during my break because i was trying to focus on my mental health. it has improved, i think, and i got to relax, but now it's back to its good ol' ups and downs. i've been playing a lot of stardew valley though. that's helped. i finally finished the community center on my first game which was fun!

i hope anyone who reads these is having a good day! seeya next time. if i stop disappearing for weeks on end.

- basket! <3