cw for christmas, skip to the next entry if it makes you uncomfortable.

it's weird not spending time with extended family on christmas eve, but i think i like it more? obviously i miss my family. but i'm not as exhausted. i got to spend a good 3+ hours coding my other website— i added a ton of accessibility options to a section and i'm pretty proud of myself. i don't know if that can be an option for this site, because there are so many more pages than this one, and a lot of messier code, but i want to try someday.

i painted my nails red and green with glitter. doesn't look the best, but it was fun. i did it while we were watching a christmas story, which is a family tradition. it's such a good movie in a nostalgic way. my parents know every word.

as i've gotten older, i feel less of that childlike excitement on christmas eve. i'm still excited, but that same wonder isn't there. it's funny, i've slept through the night more and more. my excitement doesn't wake me up anymore, haha. i'm grateful for that, at least.

tomorrow is going to be chaotic, but it's gonna be fun. if you celebrate, i wish you a very merry christmas!

- basket! <3


yall, i did it! all my work for the rest of 2020 is done. don't have anything due until after winter break. that's such a wild thing to be saying. i still have two more days of school left, but one of them is a free day pretty much, and the other i only have like an hour of live classes.

i painted my nails yesterday! just black. haven't painted my nails in a while. i forgot to put the top coat on so they're already halfway gone, but it looked nice for a day! :)

also, i started a pillowfort. it's a tumblr-livejournal-but also its own unique-thing. i used it for a while under another username, but switched over to flowerbasket after a hiatus because i think i'm more comfortable joining a bunch of different communities without having the name of my public art account tied to it. you can find it here if you want to follow me!

you have to pay to join currently, but i can generate 3 invite links per week if anyone wants to join for free! it's not as fast-paced as other social media, and honestly it doesn't feel as "social." it's sort of like tumblr but with better community features and less people. it's cozy.

anyway. since i'm about to have a ton of free time, i think i'm going to try and work on this site a bit more tomorrow!

- basket! <3


why do so many people say that junior year of highschool is the hardest? i'm 1/3 through my senior year and it's already so much more stressful... i know after finals are over it'll be a breeze, but right now? i have two 10-page essays to work on, a 20-minute presentation, and two science reports to write from scratch. and they all count heavily towards my final grade. ugh.

at least i have minecraft and animal crossing to cheer me up. i've been playing on my new leaf town after a while, and i want to start working on a page documenting my hacking journey. i want to see how my town evolves as i mess around and stuff.

that's all i have for today. i need to work on all those aforementioned huge projects... seeya later.

- basket! <3


me? procrastinating on schoolwork by pouring time into this site and making content for my youtube channel? it's more likely than you think.

i've been painting though, which is really fun! my mom has some 3x3-inch mini canvases, and i'm making some art to hang up in my room.

ugh. i started writing this, got distracted, went to do something else, and in the middle of doing that, had a panic attack for no discernible reason. but it probably didn't help that i had a near-meltdown because i was so frustrated with an art thing. i feel like half my meltdowns are just about art things.

i was actually pretty productive earlier, so i might just. let myself relax. destress. only do things that require very little energy. because right now i have none.

- basket! <3


i only seem to get good ideas for this site when i have like 7 school assignments to do... on the bright side, one of those is to come up with my plan for the bio project i chose to do, which is!!! becoming a plant and worm parent :) i get to make like 15 terrariums and keep them in my room and Observe like a Scientist but also like, name all the plants and coo over the worms.

(there's some money talk here, so skip ahead to the bolded word 2 paragraphs ahead if ur not up for that!) so, i sort of "lost" my job back when quarantine started, which sucks. i still have it, technically, but because i work at a stadium... yeah. none of us are going back to work for a long while. i had some money saved, intending to use it for college, since i start next year, but i've dipped into that a little for stuff to lift my spirits like games n things. i don't regret it, but i still would like to get that money back. i'm not going to starve, thankfully my parents earn enough that they'll be able help me out, but. i want to be independent as possible in college, yknow?

it's hard to find a remote job that someone under 18 can work and it's super discouraging. most of the jobs either aren't jobs (interning or smth) or are advertised as "you can apply under 18" but require a degree :l i've tried putting more time into my art social media and advertising commissions, but i've got just a small following and no one's ordered a comm yet. sigh. i'm so grateful that i don't need money right now, but i would like some, i suppose.

anyway, once i get my work for this week done i can't wait to work on this site some more!! i found a super cheap domain name, and i think it's so cute? i might get it??? but not until i make this place a bit more pretty lol. and get some more content. i have it all in my brain but no time to get it all out! woe is me. hope you're doing well, reader!

- basket! <3


oh gosh it's december already. oh wow.

i have accidentally overburdened myself because i'm hyperfixated on like 4 art-related goals at the same time so, last week was a whirlwind of creating and drawing and writing and now i'm burnt out art wise and bored. sigh.

school's back from thanksgiving break so i also have a lot of work to do and a couple tests to study for ;v; on the funnier side, we talked about piss for half an hour in bio today. well. it was a lecture on the kidney. but it cracked me up because it was a lecture on piss and i'm a four year old child who still finds that funny.

steering this entry away from that, i really want to start a webcomic... that's one of the aforementioned hyperfixations i burnt myself out on. i don't think i'll post it here, i'll probably be posting it to my art instagram or or something. but i'm excited! the last "webcomic" i tried to make was in like, seventh grade, and it was just a series of bad mlp drawings i posted to a tumblr blog. without tags or anything. just into the void. hopefully i've improved since then... hopefully.

- basket! <3