"where we are betwixt and between the familiar and the completely unknown."

in which james, infamous for actually enjoying being in liminal spaces, rates pictures of them based on personal enjoyment and how creepy he thinks a normal human being would find them.

personal enjoyment: 10/10
creepiness?: 5/10
people are used to long hotel hallways, right? this reminds me of the place i live in our headspace :) there is a hint of an end in the center, but too small to make out. there are indications of doors, but none seem to be present. this is one of my favorites.

personal enjoyment: 10/10
creepiness?: 7/10
very good! there are many components to this i very much enjoy. the ladder to the cramped space above with a railing. the window that does not fit the wall, that seemingly leads outside, but there appears to be a hallway inside. the irregularity in the architecture makes this extremely good, as well. so many uncanny corners.

personal enjoyment: 6/10
creepiness?: 10/10
children's rooms are generally seen as creepy, such as in horror movies, i think. it is not very well lit, which i like. one window is open but the other two are closed, which is nice. the picture on the wall to the left is black and white, contrasting the pastel room. the garbage bags and the vent? also are very strange. not my kind of liminal space, but it is interesting!

personal enjoyment: 7/10
creepiness?: 2/10
this just reminds me of the place we used to work, but empty. i do not think it would be that creepy? i enjoy it, though. the bright light at the end of this strange hallway. a lot of the places behind the gates look completely empty. cozy! i want to open the gates and sit inside for a while. the flooring here is very odd. i have nothing else to say about that, i just wanted to point out the strange choices of whoever did the flooring here.

personal enjoyment: 5/10
creepiness?: 5/10
ooh, an abandoned, or at least closed, shopping center. i do not like how you can see the end of the room, unlike the previous space, but that is just my personal taste. the odd arrangement of benches is amusing. the shops are all empty and do not have signs on them, which lead me to believe that it is closed for a long period of time and not just for the night. lovely!

personal enjoyment: 8/10
creepiness?: 6/10
a mirror! what a strange choice. there are a lot of strange choices in this room. the carpet stuck out to me right away. it is a shade of green that seems so close to a pretty one, but they messed it up at the carpet factory. most of the room is uncannily empty. there seems to be two identical sofas right next to each other, but no coffee table or anything of the sort. i like the color of the sofas. i wonder what horrors lie in the dark hallway reflected in the mirror? i would love to find out.