where i'll put updates n stuff! it might not be completely accurate or i might forget. oops. but i'll try to keep up with it.

11/26/20 || added altar.html and fiddled with a few other things.

11/25/20 || made a resources page! although it's still a wip.

11/17/20 || deleted shrines.html and linked those pages right in the sidebar! also added a section of the index for linking cool sites <3

11/16/20 || another month-long absence, oops. school sucks! added ramblings.html and wrote an entry! from now on i don't think i'll be writing each entry here, it'll be its own thing.

10/10/20 || whew i'm back. that was a wild two weeks. well, finally fixed up the sidebar and it's on all pages now, so that's neat.

09/28/20 || a page for beetlejuice because it's special interest hours. added the link in the sidebar, although the page probably won't be finished for a while. might get rid of shrines.html and just put them all as links in the sidebar. hm.

09/27/20 || made & finished: bookshelf.html. edited the sidebar so on most pages it just points back to the index, and is at the bottom left.

09/26/20 || made & pretty much finished: me.html, log.html, witch.html. made: mylove.html.

09/25/20 || site created! woo.